Artist’s Note

I paint from my small apartment in Leiden. The main media I use are Oil/Acrylic on Canvas. Inspired by artists as Marlene Dumas, Rembrandt and Lucian Freud, I try to use the human figure to create some kind of philosophical trigger in my work. The human nature is something that intrigues me deeply and I think images are a particularly good way to express this in. In these images I let color,or the absence of it, play an important role. My painting style is plastic, and I love strong contrasts alike drawing with charcoal.

Artistic History

In line with my fascination for Greek and neo-classicistic sculpture, I started taking ceramics lessons. In these lessons I learned, above all, how to look and consider the spaciousness of your work. I think it also lay the ground for my plastic painting style. Although in this period I mostly created animals, I found that my most touching sculptures were the animals reminiscent of a human soul.

So when I started painting, I started painting people. I was inspired by works that showed people close to there nature, in all there fragility and primitiveness. This became, and probably will be, a repetitive subject in my work. Especially the portret was for me a great way to express this, although I think that the old phrase “Tronie” is more applicable to my work.

Although I sometimes like to take the human figure out of my paintings, they are still involved in the process: the human perception of the scene remains an important motive.